Cloudy On the table

Ten quirky reasons for owning a pet

  Having been a dog owner for the greatest part of my life, I would advise any potential owner that dog ownership has its ups and downs. Still, the downs (eg. too much barking or excessive poop) are not enough to deter it. Here are a few plausible, though slightly wuirky, reasons to own a…


Self-sacrificing dogs

We note dogs for their undying, unquestioning loyalty to their masters. Dogs are famous for not holding grudges after their masters punish them for misdemeanors. Their loyalty difficult to compare with. Devoted dogs seldom think twice about giving their lives for their owners. Here are a few dogs that have paid the ultimate price to…

Cloudy playing ball 1

Celebrities who own Westies

Cloudy, my West Highland Terrier, is indispensable. In spite of her frisky ways, impatient barks and her sometimes too-playful, couch-jumping disposition, I would not trade this little dog for the world. These terriers, also known as Westies, are a handful. They also come with their share of inspiring strengths. One hallmark of the Westie spirit…


The grand dame

My West Highland sidekick, Cloudy, often gets a lot of attention, so I decided to turn the reins over to her older sister, Misty. Though I seldom mention this little Schnauzer, I am partial to her. This graceful, albeit overweight dame is a cannot-do-without part of our lives. Quiet and faithful, this little dog hardly…

Meet Joe: Wordless Wednesday

Meet Joe, a little Shih Tzu who  injured his leg after jumping off a table. I decided to feature him on the Blogpaws linkup today for the sake of his owner, who has spent time bringing him to acupuncture sessions to treat his dislocated leg. Amazingly, he can now walk.