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Stretching your dog’s mind

This post is written for This n That Thursday, hosted by the talented Two Brown Dogs and Ruckus the Eskie. DO link up with This and That Thursday! Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… Pet owners like ourselves would be familiar with this. We have the same looks on our…

Running 3

On the run!

For this week’s photo link up, I decided to see if I could capture motion pictures of Cloudy on the run. Here she is, proudly approaching the finish line. Do join us for this week’s link up! Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… Save 30% Off…

Canine curiosity col

Canine curiosity

For our weekly Wednesday photo link up, I captured some of my dog Cloudy’s more curious moments while on a walk today. Curiosity makes a little dog sharper, and she certainly enjoyed herself! Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone! Save 30% off $150, 20% off $100, and 15% off $60 at Petsmart! Click on the image…

Pete Souza CC-BY via Creative Commons

Understanding Pet Allergies

Little Bobby sees a cute little kitten in a shelter. It is ready for adoption and he tugs at his mother’s sleeves. He lets out an aggrieved whine. “Mum, why can’t we take it home with us? It needs a home,” he pleads. “We can’t, darling. Your dad is allergic to cats.” Bobby’s mother tries…

My favorite TV show.

A journey to the vet’s

For our weekly Wednesday picture link up, I snapped pictures of Cloudy on a trip to the vet’s. She showed her fascination for moving images on the way and make a new friend at the clinic as well. A happy Wednesday, everyone!           Have a wonderful Wednesday, all! Enjoy free shipping…

Greencolander,CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons

Dealing with fighting dogs

This post is written for This and That Thursday hosted by 2 Brown Dogs and Ruckus the Eskie. New dog owners or perhaps owners of slightly larger breeds of dogs might be a tad frightened when their dogs suddenly start to roughhouse or greet each other with what seems like excessive growling. What might be…

Ebony and ivory comb

Ebony and ivory

I am blessed that my black Schnauzer, Misty and white West Highland White Terrier, Cloudy, are able to live harmoniously. I snapped some pictures of them in their sleeping “prime”. Ebony and ivory…living in perfect harmony. Have a wonderful Wednesday, all! ?

George undercover

Odd dog habits

For our weekly Wednesday link up, I would like to show some photos of my family’s dogs and some of their odd habits. Free shipping of orders $35 or more at Petsmart! Do check out the image link,