Canine curiosity col

Canine curiosity

For our weekly Wednesday photo link up, I captured some of my dog Cloudy’s more curious moments while on a walk today. Curiosity makes a little dog sharper, and she certainly enjoyed herself! Have a blessed Wednesday, everyone! Save 30% off $150, 20% off $100, and 15% off $60 at Petsmart! Click on the image…

Pete Souza CC-BY via Creative Commons

Understanding Pet Allergies

Little Bobby sees a cute little kitten in a shelter. It is ready for adoption and he tugs at his mother’s sleeves. He lets out an aggrieved whine. “Mum, why can’t we take it home with us? It needs a home,” he pleads. “We can’t, darling. Your dad is allergic to cats.” Bobby’s mother tries…

My favorite TV show.

A journey to the vet’s

For our weekly Wednesday picture link up, I snapped pictures of Cloudy on a trip to the vet’s. She showed her fascination for moving images on the way and make a new friend at the clinic as well. A happy Wednesday, everyone!           Have a wonderful Wednesday, all! Enjoy free shipping…

Greencolander,CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons

Dealing with fighting dogs

This post is written for This and That Thursday hosted by 2 Brown Dogs and Ruckus the Eskie. New dog owners or perhaps owners of slightly larger breeds of dogs might be a tad frightened when their dogs suddenly start to roughhouse or greet each other with what seems like excessive growling. What might be…

Ebony and ivory comb

Ebony and ivory

I am blessed that my black Schnauzer, Misty and white West Highland White Terrier, Cloudy, are able to live harmoniously. I snapped some pictures of them in their sleeping “prime”. Ebony and ivory…living in perfect harmony. Have a wonderful Wednesday, all! ?

George undercover

Odd dog habits

For our weekly Wednesday link up, I would like to show some photos of my family’s dogs and some of their odd habits. Free shipping of orders $35 or more at Petsmart! Do check out the image link,

Dog crouching

What our dogs tell us

This post is written for This N That Thursday, hosted by Two Brown Dogs and Ruckus the Eskie. A dog’s ears and eyes can speak volumes, though our pets cannot vocalize the same way as we do. When they do vocalize, there is a definite purpose. His facial expressions betray a lot about him and…

Misty's slightly more receptive!

A night walk with a friend

  For our weekly Wednesday photo link up, I snapped some shots of Cloudy and Misty on a night walk with a friend, Bella. Bella is a rescued Shetland, a little bit of a shy doggy. I found out that Cloudy dislikes the smell of mangoes….and Misty’s a bit tentative. Would not feed it to…