Celebrities who own Westies

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Cloudy On the table

Cloudy, my West Highland Terrier, is indispensable. In spite of her frisky ways, impatient barks and her sometimes too-playful, couch-jumping disposition, I would not trade this little dog for the world.

These terriers, also known as Westies, are a handful. They also come with their share of inspiring strengths.

One hallmark of the Westie spirit is its sturdiness. Never mistake this small terrier as a little dog that willingly sits on your lap. This little fellow, bred for ratting, has a super-strong tail that it can literally hang upside down from (Do not try this at home).

This dog has a charming, natural appearance that makes it a common feature of advertisements. A keen watchdog, this little fellow is friendly with other dogs and strangers. Cloudy, a feisty female, absolutely loves children and has many “boyfriends”.

The Westie does not traumatize you with excessive pet hair.

Of course, no dog is perfect and this mighty terrier is no different. It has the dynamic terrier temperament and is completely bossy. Prepare yourself for dominance issues and possible animal aggression. Strong-willed, it has a mind of its own and at times, barks the house down.

Still, he is a huge draw. Celebrities have taken to these little fellows in the way bees do to honey.

One of them is English dream boat and Twilight actor, Robert Pattinson. His favorite female Westie, Patty, became a doggy angel over a year ago.

Star of the Walking Dead, Christian Serratos, is another celebrity who owns a Westie. She and her male terrier, Bolt, are constant companions.

Adding to the list is funny man Rob Schneider. He may not have won an Oscar, but his dog goes by the moniker and reflects his hope.

Lastly, we have Underworld Star Kate Beckinsale. The English actress owns a Westie puppy, but has not revealed its name.

The enchanting Westie is a crowd pleaser. Celebrities, too, have become fans.

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