Ebony and ivory


I am blessed that my black Schnauzer, Misty and white West Highland White Terrier, Cloudy, are able to live harmoniously.

I snapped some pictures of them in their sleeping “prime”.

Ebony and ivory…living in perfect harmony.

Ebony and ivory comb

Have a wonderful Wednesday, all!

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19 Replies to “Ebony and ivory”

  1. Thank you for the Wednesday SMILE!! 🙂

    Animals truly touch my heart and fill my spirit with tremendous joy!

    Thank God for our animals!

    Thank you!
    Healthy Blessings,

  2. Lovely, sweet photos. Beryl has a personal space area and Frankie isn’t allowed closer than about a foot when she’s sleeping. But if she’s feeling chilly then she will use him as a hot water bottle! Princess’s can do that 🙂

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