Food thief, for Wordless Wednesday


Feeding my dogs, Misty and Cloudy yesterday reminded me of the importance of ranking and observation with dogs, primarily pack animals.

Here’s what happened. I went to fetch my camera to take some shots of my dogs as they were supposed to be eating. I believed that I was capturing photos of a normal feeding routine.

This looks perfectly normal

This looked perfectly normal…



And this.......

so did this…….


But I realized….



Misty Feed 1

…..that Cloudy had eaten out of both Misty’s bowl and her own.



I should have fed Misty before Cloudy because I had to dish out a little extra for her!

Dogs observe rank…Misty, being older, should have been fed BEFORE rather than at the SAME TIME as Cloudy. A good reminder!

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8 Replies to “Food thief, for Wordless Wednesday”

  1. I've always wondered how people handle feeding two dogs at once, especially if they have different needs and appetites… Now I see it can get complicated! Cute photos!

  2. Frankie has chosen to eat his meals in his crate as ‘protection’ from his greedy sister. It’s the only time he uses it and it works well. I can go and get my camera and know they will both only be eating their own meals 🙂

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