Pet Dog: Meet The Bright And Beautiful Breeze

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If you’re looking for a bright, bouncy pet dog, welcome Breeze into your home.

An intelligent dog, she loves picking up sticks on her walks. She makes a responsive pet dog.

Breeze is a one-year-old, tan-coated, short-eared female.

pet dog

The bright and beautiful Breeze, a wonderful pet dog

She is a relatively large girl with a black muzzle and pointed ears. She needs ample space to run and play.

Breeze needs an owner who can understand why she barks ferociously at first. A little patience and TLC will make her a loving, responsive pet dog.

Breeze is somewhat reserved but friendly.

Like every pet dog, she must get accustomed to her new family. She is affectionate with everyone, but she must get to know them. She will wag her bum when she’s excited.

A potential owner will be thrilled to know that breeze is obedience trained. She knows how to sit, shake hands, and fetch. The extent of her memory is astonishing.

House training this pet dog is, well, a Breeze.

She has an indoor pee tray but does her business when she goes on her daily walks. Of course, this means that her owner must make time to bring her on them.

Altogether, with constant, thoughtful care, Breeze will make a delightful companion for life. If you think that Breeze will be the perfect addition to your family, do contact Jac for more details at 9670 9109.

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