Self-sacrificing dogs

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We note dogs for their undying, unquestioning loyalty to their masters. Dogs are famous for not holding grudges after their masters punish them for misdemeanors.

Their loyalty difficult to compare with. Devoted dogs seldom think twice about giving their lives for their owners.

Here are a few dogs that have paid the ultimate price to save their masters.

1. Simon, the guide dog

Visually handicapped Dave Furakawa was walking his four-year-old son from school when a red Chrysler careened through the intersection, heading straight for the duo.

The situation would have been disastrous if not for Simon, Dave’s guide dog. The Boxer instinctively pushed Dave’s son aside.

Naturally, the dog took the hit. He died before he could be sent to the vet.

2. Gander, the Newfoundland War Dog

The next dog that fearlessly gave up its life for the greater good was Gander, a heroic Newfoundland.

In the Battle for Hong Kong fought between the British, Gander pushed back enemy advances on several occasions. The last time the bulky dog fought, a grenade landed in the middle of the Canadian forces.

Gander unhesitatingly picked up the grenade and ran off to the side. It detonated before he could throw it away.

3. George the Jack Russell

Large dogs are not the only ones that are brave. Jack Russells, famed for liveliness in spite of their lack of size, are courageous little fellows.

On one occasion, George, released by its owners during a walk, noticed two pit bulls approaching a group of children. He valiantly defended the children, who escaped quickly. George himself, however was the Pitbulls’ victim.

4. Troy, the Labrador retriever

Another brave dog that prevented a Pitbull attack was Troy, a Labardor retriever.

His owners, the Dohertys were a family walk in Randalstown when a loose Pitbull attacked them. The dog first lunged at Cole, one of their four Labrador Retrievers, biting his leg.

It then attacked the parents, Sean and Dierdre, injuring them slightly. Then it went for their son, Ben.

That is when Troy decided that it was time to interfere. He fought the Pitbull bravely, giving up his life in the process. Police shot the offending Pitbull.

5. Nero, the Fire Hero

Besides being protective, dogs are intuitive. Last year, a fire raged through Yorktown Heights, New York, razing the home of the Eliseo family.

Their Newfoundland, Nero, first sensed the fire. He went through the house, waking the family up.

After a little confusion and scrambling, firemen saved the family. They initially thought that Nero escaped the blaze and asked for the help of the Police to track him down. Later, his ashes were found in the house.

The loyalty of dogs surpasses that of many creatures, including our own.

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  1. In Brazil the pitbull image is very poorly disseminated by the media. Many treat this breed as killers.

    Who has to know that when well cared and treated are very docile.

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