Thanks for a little Cloud


This is Michelle, whom you may know from Getting Literal.

I have not used my pets blog to post a thankful list before, so I thought that a good start is a photo tribute to Cloudy, who turns three this week.

This restless wonder is a handful, but we would never! change the fact that she is a part of our lives.

Without further ado, here is Coudy, or after she transforms, Cloudimus Grime.

  I am thankful for Cloudy when…..

 photo image_zps2651db58.jpg

She tries to behave like Cleopatra

 photo image_zpsffd6f8b7.jpg


She gets into one of her nipping moods

 photo image_zps5765a4f1.jpg

She raids the fridge without my knowledge then claims “dogs-possibility”.

 photo image_zps238be411.jpg

She steals fruit and eats in on the bed

 photo image_zpsd80cc6d7.jpg

   She suffers from separation anxiety

 photo image_zpse914f3ef.jpg

makes enemies…..

 photo image_zps81e71b34.jpg


 photo image_zps6d5ab2f3.jpgfrightens stray monkeys….

 photo image_zps2ea31101.jpgtries to take a nap……

 photo image_zps28401f65.jpg

and a well-deserved bow. 

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11 Replies to “Thanks for a little Cloud”

  1. Like Zoe, I must say that the “frightens stray monkeys” line made me think we live in different worlds. Coyotes, desert tortoises, or cottontail bunnies I understand, but I’ve never in my life seen a stray monkey!
    Happy birthday to Cloudy!

  2. Oh very well done. Yes..I think I need a dog that chases stray monkeys away. Ours is taunted by two squirrels. They get his hopes up everytime just to scamper away within seconds of time.

  3. love the refrigerator photo! Ola used to employ a similar gambit, she would look frantically at the back door (like she totally needed to out…right now!) but when we got to the door, she would turn and sit and stare at the refrigerator, as if to say, “well, seeing how you’re here, lets eat!”

    HB!! to Clou…dee!

  4. OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE REAL MONKEYS JUST WANDERING AROUND OUTSIDE? I’m not sure whether that would be cool or terrifying (after seeing the Dirtiest Jobs episode at the monkey rescue in South Africa, I may be leaning toward terrifying).

    Cloudy is totes adorbs! What a sweet face! Even Ruby would have to love that face! So funny that we both wrote about our pets this week!

  5. Oh, the monkeys! It’s funny to think of monkeys as common as squirrels. When I lived in KL, they were such a nuisance when they’d knock out the cable by chewing on the wires.

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