Things you should learn to expect from your ‘obedient’ friend



Today, Petsawarenews presents a guest post by Chris Taylor, a passionate dog lover and experienced dog owner who writes this post as a guest on PetsAwareNews as well as for pet supplier Easy Animal.

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Chris writes about expecting obedient behavior from our dogs,a subject relevant to new and experienced dog owners alike.

Things you should learn to expect from your obedient friend

We all like to think that our dog is the most well behaved, modest-mannered and intelligent pooch in the whole town. However, if we’re being honest, this is rarely the case.

It’s more likely that just when you think you’ve got somewhere with early-day training, your dog will fail to action upon command when your friends show up for a chin wag. It’s more likely that just when you think they’ve stopped leaving you ‘presents’ in the living room, the moment you leave the house, another one turns up – albeit, somewhere more discrete than usual.

However, no matter how much our pups might disappoint us from time to time, we still love them. We still worship them, cherish them and thrust upon them our full attention when they command it.

So, what kind of things can we expect from our seemingly obedient best friends?

You ask them to hold – and they chew

Dog_chewing_on_stuffed_toy 1

LTW Photography CC-BY via Creative Commons


Giving dogs something to hold might look like a great trick (and it is, if it works) but more often than not, most dogs will see your offer of a newspaper or woolly hat to hold as an open invitation to tear it apart. Unless you get that item back off them quick, you might end up with a fight on your hands – or at least a drool-laden handover at the end of the altercation.


Digging in the garden

digging 1

pernillarydmark, CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons


A dog’s insatiable appetite for digging reminds us of the kinds of caricature pooches we’re used to seeing in the cartoons. However, it’s true that some dogs just love to dig. Even if it isn’t to bury a bone.


Rolling in muck


Ian See, CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons

Dead animals, faces, mud, rotting food – all the worst things you can think of bathing in yourself, but for some reason, your dog thinks they’re great. You know the signs when it’ll happen; normally because your dog runs a mile, has a sniff at something you can’t see, then looks like they’re about to pounce into a hole or some sort. Instead, they’re rolling in muck, leaving you to walk home embarrassed.



dog swimming 1

Clara S. CC-BY-SA 2.0 via Creative Commons

Living near a beach or a river is a fantastic way of getting your dog fit through swimming. Although, once again, they might feel compelled to do this at a time when you’re not so keen. For example, unless you have waterproof dog beds installed in the car and home, you aren’t going to want to take a wet dog back to a house with a new carpet – or round to another person’s house.

Barking at the door

dog-opossum 1

Best and Worst Ever, CC-BY via Creative Commons

Barking of course is another natural trait of being a dog. However, they again might choose to make themselves vocal at times that aren’t good for you. How many times has the phone started ringing as you are cooking the kids’ tea and then the doorbell goes off, prompting the dog to also start letting its decibels be heard?

For some people, this chaotic cacophony of noise is one of the worst parts of being a dog owner – yet it’s something else we just have to appreciate happens, and ultimately we still love them for it.

Chris Taylor is a passionate dog owner of two Retrievers: Lucie and Millie. He writes this post on behalf of dog and small pet accessory supplier Easy Animal, having a wealth of experience of doggy mischief. Read other stories like this on Twitter: @christaylorVL and @easyanimaluk.

I hope that you have enjoyed these little truths on dog behavior from Chris! Till the next write,

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14 Replies to “Things you should learn to expect from your ‘obedient’ friend”

  1. I had to laugh at the "swimming" dog because my dog hates to get wet. We were 'dogsitting' a friend's dog once and it would love to run through the sprinklers. My dog always runs "away" from water.

  2. Our dog used to love to dig holes to our dismay. You are so right, they will stand and bark at the door for no reason at all. I thought he just wanted us to get up and do something.

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