How to Cope When Your Family Doesn’t Like Pets

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You have fallen in love with that cute puppy in the window but avoid its eyes sadly. Grandma doesn’t get along with dogs. But nothing’s stopping you from keeping pets. Here’s how to own one and get along with grandma too.

Why some people can’t get used to pets

The stocky little Daschund that you met at the vet’s office made your heart melt. The look it gave you was all that was needed to bring it home.

However, you found yourself returning it to the vet almost as soon as you took it home. Your family members couldn’t get along with it, and here’s why.

1. Allergies

First of all, some people develop allergic reactions to pet dander. They start sneezing when there are furballs around. The discomfort, understandably, causes them to react adversely to pets.

2. Fear

Also, some people dislike pets because of their negative experiences. Animals either bit or chased them. They and their family members stay away from pets as a result.

3. Lack of Patience

Some people don’t dislike pets intensely. Pets, like family members, need nurturing.
The effort needed to train and bond with them can take its toll.

4. Budget

Of course, keeping a pet involves substantial expenses. It can sometimes cost more to groom them than ourselves.

Then, there are veterinary expenses, which are substantial. Again, treating their illnesses can cost more than it does to cure ours.

4 ways to cope when your family hates pets

So how does one deal with a dispute over pets? These suggestions may prove useful.

1. Be specific

First of all, being specific about the problem can point the way to a solution. You may assume that your spouse hates your pet when he or she shouts at it. He may be less fussy about it than you think – perhaps your dog has jumped too often on the bed or sofa.

2. Communicate

It’s essential to ensure that your other half shares the same values about pets as you do. Compromise is key. If your partner isn’t comfortable with your dog sleeping in your bed, have a dog bed, which you can put near you. Also, if you are a staunch animal lover while your partner is the diametric opposite, do reassess your relationship.

3. Consult a pet behaviorist or trainer

Your partner or family may be duly irritated by your dog’s incessant barking or constant peeing in the wrong places. If the behavior stresses your relationship, consult a trainer or behaviorist. He or she may be able to put continuous jumping on the sofa to rest.

4. Mutual tolerance

It isn’t possible to stop hating pets overnight. That said, you shouldn’t forgo pet ownership because of relationship obstacles. Accept that you won’t agree or be amenable to everything, but are reasonable people who can meet in the middle.

Finding common ground is hard, particularly with owning pets. But where there is a will, there will be the right way.

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